Here are some video games I’ve been a part of, usually as a narrative designer or game writer.

Room 1057

Charles is a very normal man who enjoys the simplicity of life and every little thing it has to offer. During his summer vacation, he decides to leave for a few days and stay in a small motel near the sea. There, he gets the key to room 1057. After getting ready to go to the beach to spend a whole afternoon under the warmth of the sun, his room door doesn’t seem to open anymore.

And as he tries to find a way out, everything swiftly goes wrong…

I was the project lead and narrative designer.

What I did:
• Designed horrific mechanics by adding a narrator and writing point and click interactions that slowly lead the character to his doom.
• Worked in collaboration with the game artist in order to make the environmental storytelling one of the main horror mechanics in the game.
• Directed a voice actor, ensured his performance stayed true to the established goal while also allowing him creative freedom over the interpretation.
• Made sure everyone’s work was cohesive and worked well with the narration.
• Made a flowchart of every interaction and all of their narrative outcomes to help the team have a better overview of the game.

Before we go

“I stopped overthinking. I felt good. And at that exact moment, with him by my side, I understood how it feels to be alive.”

What would you do if you only had 48h left before life takes your favorite person away?

Lucas and Ezra have always been friends. They grew up together and know each other by heart. They wish it could forever stay that way but highschool is coming to an end and they don’t have much time left… 

I was the game writer and programmer.

What I did:
• Wrote the game script, dialogues, synopsis and logline.
• Designed branching dialogues and outcomes depending on the player’s choices. Also documented them in a flowchart and used tools such as Edrawmind to do so.
• Programmed the game and its different roads using Ren’Py and Python.


Lost in a dark and gloomy cave, Laylin is well aware of how she got there. Terrified of what might happen if she stays, she gives herself one unique goal: find a way out.

After wandering for a while, she notices a weird silhouette in the distance. As she gets closer, she realizes that it is another version of herself. Far from being scared, the clone is sobbing, its face covered in pain. Understanding that she’s talking to her repressed emotions, Laylin finally accepts to cooperate with them. She knows that together, they have a higher chance of escaping.

is a platformer game in which the journey matters more than the end itself. Follow Laylin in her quest, explore colorful environments, unlock surprising powers and hopefully help her discover the truth.

I was the narrative designer and level designer.

What I did:
• Wrote the game script, dialogues, additional texts, synopsis and logline.
• Designed game mechanics and used the narration to justify the character’s abilities.
• Built platforms levels by progressively increasing the difficulty: the more the player progresses through the game, the more abilities they unlock and the harder the game gets.
• Worked in collaboration with the game artist to make the environment a visual representation of the main character’s emotions and her evolution along the game.

Bakery Therapy

“Because that’s what we do: we serve them emotions on a platter.” 

When one feels bad, emotional or knows that something’s missing in their life, they go to Bakery Therapy. It’s the only place that heals hearts and wounds… using only pastries.

In Bakery Therapy, you play as a seller whose job is to listen to customers with care. Find the right pastries for their needs and you’ll bring sunshine back to their lives!

I was the narrative designer.

What I did:
• Wrote the game script, branching dialogues, synopsis and logline.
• Designed branching dialogues and two different endings depending on how good the player performs.
• Designed game mechanics by writing different pastries descriptions in order to make them fit NPC’s emotions.
• Created colorful characters with different backstories and personalities.

Silent Night

After so many years of discord, Claire and Elene are finally reunited. As they’re happily reminiscing about the past, something terrible happens. Will they be able to face what awaits them?
Only your choices can forge their fate.

Silent Night is a small textual based and narrative game with 3 different endings. Each choice you make has an impact on your game, so choose carefully!

I was the narrative designer and programmer.

What I did:
• Conceptualized the game plot, universe and characters.
• Designed and wrote branching dialogues and a multiple endings script where the ending depends on the player’s choices all along the game.
• Programmed the game and all of its different roads using Twine and Python.
• Wrote the game script, dialogues, synopsis and logline.

The Mourning Sea

On a bright sunny day, you decide to peacefully fish in the sea. You throw your fish hook in the water and unexpectedly, catch a bottle with a paper inside. As you open it and read the message, you understand that it was purposely sent to you, bringing your buried demons to life.
Then begins an adventure in which only you can discover what happened and hopefully find a way to inner peace.

The Mourning Sea is a short narrative game about fishing, poetry and self forgiveness.

I was the game writer.

What I did:
• Conceptualized the story by mixing dialogues and poetry, giving more depth to the hero’s feelings and traumas.
• Wrote the game script, dialogues, poems, synopsis and logline.


Dans un monde ravagé par la guerre et régi par un virus meurtrier, serez vous prêt à partir à l’aventure et à risquer votre vie pour sauver un être cher ?
Aidés de vos nouveaux pouvoirs, vous devrez passer de planète en planète et affronter un environnement hostile pour espérer récupérer l’antidote qui sauvera votre père… Et peut-être même l’humanité toute entière.

Plateformer narratif, SymBios est une aventure contemplative associant habileté, exploration et amour fraternel.

J’y ai participé en tant que narrative designer et level designer.

Ce que j’y ai fait:
• Design du lore de l’univers ainsi que des personnages et de leurs motivations.
• Design des mécaniques de jeux en associant un pouvoir différent à chaque héros et forçant ainsi le joueur à choisir le bon personnage dépendamment des obstacles qu’il rencontre.
• Construction et équilibrage des différents niveaux de plateformes en introduisant progressivement les différentes mécaniques de jeu.
• Ecriture du scénario, des dialogues et du synopsis.